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Here at Traditional Surfing Co, the home of Cornish bellyboarding and now the longest established bellyboard maker in the UK, we make classically inspired yet thoroughly modern, highly functional,  user friendly, environmentally sensitive wooden bodyboards, bellyboards, paipo, alaia, handplanes and skateboards.

Taking our inspiration and tradition from prone surfing designs that have been used for thousands of years around the world we offer an ever evolving range of refined shapes to suit surfers of all ages, abilities and aspirations as well as providing custom options for those that want something a little different.

We believe our wooden bellyboards, bodyboards and paipo are the finest you can buy in the UK because, using only the finest quality FSC certified wood, each sheet being individually hand selected, all our boards are hand shaped, hand pressed and hand screenprinted, one by one, by ourselves, in our West Cornwall workshop giving us full control at every stage over their quality.

The process is in no way automated, but it is also not antiquated, we employ both traditional methods and the latest technolgies from the skateboard industry even down to using a highly waterproof  adhesive system on our premium wooden bodyboards that is designed specifically for skateboard construction that is sourced from the USA.

So yes our boards take a little more time to make but we don't really want to change the way we make our boards because in order to keep making and progressing fine quality wooden surf riding boards it is important to us that we take our time in order to get it right.

If then you are looking for a beautifuly made bellyboard, an environmentally kind surfboard as an alternative to the overseas manufactured mass produced foam bodyboards, are simply seeking an unrivalled surfing experience or just plain fancy wooden board that is handmade in Cornwall you have definitely found the right place.

Thank you for choosing a board from the Traditional Surfing Co.

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