Individually hand printed clothing from West Cornwall

Like our wooden surfboards, there is noting hurried or mass produced about of clothing. 

Each T shirt or hoodie on offer from Traditional Surfing Co is genuinely printed by hand, by us, in our little print studio the old fashioned fully anologue way using a mechanical print press, silk mesh screens, attention to detail and above all care

As a result we are able to apply the same level of skill and craftsmaship to each and every print, and by nature, which is also something we love very much about screen printing, each and every print comes out unique in its own little way. Original art you can wear if you like.

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Icon T shirt
I am super fussy about T shirts, I like to keep them simple, low environmental impact, printed by..
Ex Tax: £15.00
The Wave Hoodie
The beautiful Wave T print, but on a super snuggly hoodie. We love screenprinting, we have b..
Ex Tax: £20.00
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