Flow Model Wooden Bodyboard

Flow Model Wooden Bodyboard
Flow Model Wooden Bodyboard Flow Model Wooden Bodyboard Flow Model Wooden Bodyboard
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Go With the Flow

Like the Performance Model, the Flow is designed to take the feel and vibe of a classic bellyboard but project it into the future with a mix of refined shaping and technical improvements, in short it is a deeply concaved bodyboard that both looks and surfs amazingly well plus offers a very different slide and glide to any board you may previously have ridden.
These bodyboards have a wide appeal in that they work perfectly well in the swim zone riding foam straight to the beach, but then slip on some fins and take one out in zippy clean hollow waves and that is when you discover what they really are about.
Very much a pure surfing board I always carry one in the van with me, its an essential part of my surfing quiver and my personal view is that in hollow waist high surf you cannot find a more fun and satisfying board to ride if you want to maximise your wave count and enjoyment. They are also utterly addictive, you take off and then you feel the concave lift you, its like a turbo boost, and you are off down the line at warp speed waiting for the lip to pitch over and allow you to slip deep into the barrel.
If you are looking for arguably the ultimate prone surfing experience these boards are for you.

Design Notes

Made from sustainable source FSC certified hardwood that we laminate ourselves with each piece hand selected for stunning grain patterns, like all our Performance line of boards they differ from a bellyboard in that the concave makes it stiffer and so they surf more like a solid wood board, albeit better than a solid wood board because through our customised forms and pressing techniques we are able to build in a more extreme degree of concave and refined rocker for better performance.
In terms of size the boards are bigger than bellyboards being 120cm x 40cm, the thickness is 12mm and the weight approximately 2kg. The concave at the tail is approximately 2cm. Or in old money the boards are 4ft x 16". This really is the optimum size for a performance orientated wooden bodyboard, and its also a good call for the more chunky brothers and mothers who may find a regular bellyboard a little small.
The plan shape of the board is designed to maximise planing surface but with a more pulled in rounded nose than the Performance Model the board has faster turning characteristics especially on an open face. 
At the tail the board employs a classic roundtail, I'd argue its the most aesthetically pleasing shape for any surfboard as it just looks right. How does it surf? Like a hot knife through butter, it carves on rails and flows through the turns carrying its speed all day long and then some. These boards are the wooden version of my own regular surfboards, its a shape that just works so well I had to make a prone wood version to surf too.
The concave though is the key to these bodyboards, our design, that took many attempts and back to the drawing board moments, works by funnelling the water through a scoop towards the front of the board and then as the water progresses under the hull the deepening concave focuses and accelerates the flow whilst at the same time generating lift. Or in other words, they are stunningly fast boards!

Board Personalisation

If you are looking to make your board that little bit more special, either for yourself or as a gift, we offer a name decal option for free (normally £15). For this we will custom make and apply up on the nose of the board a vinyl decal in black to match the main board logo.

But of course, if you want the ultimate unique board then check out of full custom design and screenprint option in which we take your design, or work with one of our great graphics, to give you a hand printed board that will be simply stunning. For more information on full custom bellyboards click HERE.

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