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The Rocket
The Rocket The Rocket The Rocket The Rocket The Rocket The Rocket The Rocket
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The Rocket... 'Premium Lightweight range'



I'll go out on a limb here, this is the best performance bellyboard you can buy in the world today. And more than likely, its the best bellyboard in the world full stop.

But is the Rocket really a bellyboard?  Because although it begins with the traditional bellyboard dimensions of 4ft x 12" its high performance streamlined nose and crescent tail shape and concave hull for added speed give it another level of performance and our aim with it was to create a board that begins to bridge the gap between bellyboard and bodyboard and is ideal for surf riders looking to begin surfing using swim fins  and riding open faces.

Where the Rocket differs from our traditional bellyboard the 'Classic Surfer' is primarily in the nose shape and the tail. Designed, developed and refined by ourselves at our favouite local Cornish beach breaks and reefs the nose has a more sleek pulled in profile that when combined with the crescent tail makes the board faster to turn and more maneuverable than a traditionally shaped bellyboard.

Like our traditional bellyboards the Classic Surfer, Rockets are handmade by ourselves in West Cornwall from fully certified FSC timber stock, the lightest, highest quality we can source, that we then laminate individually using high grade waterproof glues in our custom made presses in order to ensure our boards feature the perfect amount of nose lift for optimum surfing performance. Effectively it will catch waves more easily, surf further, ride faster and also the wood grain will ensure the board looks utterly stunning too.

In fact, don't let the term 'bellyboard' fool you, Rockets are more of a pure performance wooden bodyboard designed to excell when used with swim fins in small hollow clean waves. But if you just want to surf old school style in the whitewater, thats cool, they are so versatile they easily rock that world too!

The boards are supplied as standard with our environmentally freindly easy to maintain waterproof finish and completing the look a hand screenprinted retro logo inspired by the classic bellyboards of yesteryear. Its a modern belly board that looks like its out of a SciFi comic book from the 50’s or 60’s.

I truly love this board, it works so well, and it really does takes the art of surf-riding into the next level... but of course, if you want to go beyond the stars check out our Performance Bodyboard!

Board Personalisation: If you are looking to make your board that little bit more special, either for yourself or as a gift, we now offer a name decal option for just £15. For this we will custom make and apply up on the nose of the board a vinyl decal in gloss black to match the main board logo.

But of course, if you want the ultimate unique board then check out of full custom design and screenprint option in which we take your design, or work with one of our great graphics, to give you a hand printed board that will be simply stunning and unique to you. For more information on full custom bellyboards, that start from just £25, click HERE.


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