Performance Wooden Bodyboard

Performance Wooden Bodyboard
Performance Wooden Bodyboard Performance Wooden Bodyboard Performance Wooden Bodyboard Performance Wooden Bodyboard
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Wooden Bodyboard 'The Ultimate Model'


This is not a bellyboard, this is a pure performance wooden bodyboard, 4ft x 16", and featuring a deep through the hull concave that gives lift, unequalled speed and on the rail grip like you will not believe through the turns.

With our wooden bodyboards we wanted to create a surfboard that not only looks and surfs amazingly well, but from an environmental standpoint offers a very real alternative to mass produced foam boards.

The boards work perfectly well as a funboard in the swim zone riding foam straight to the beach, but pop on some fins and take them in zippy clean waves and thats whereb they really shine. When you take off you feel the concave lift you, like a turbo boost, and you are off down the line at warp speed.

These boards are more like solid wood boards in the way they ride, and indeed better than solid wood boards because we can press in more extreme concaves and rocker for better performance.

If you are looking for arguably the ultimate prone surfing experience these boards are for you.

The boards themselves we make from individually laminated hardwood sheets, pressed in our custom made form, and at 12mm thickness offer both stiffness and a little more float than a regular bellyboard. Like all our boards the graphic is hand silk screen printed, and for ultiimate wood protection, and indeed grain enhancement  because we do genuinely pick through our suppliers stock to ensure we use the very prettiest timer we can find, we hand apply a custom mixed waterproof satin finish.

Please note that these boards are generally made to order, we occasionally may have one or two ready made, but please allow for this when ordering.

Board Personalisation: If you are looking to make your board that little bit more special, either for yourself or as a gift, we now offer a name decal option for just £15. For this we will custom make and apply up on the nose of the board a vinyl decal in gloss black to match the main board logo.

But of course, if you want the ultimate unique board then check out of full custom design and screenprint option in which we take your design, or work with one of our great graphics, to give you a hand printed board that will be simply stunning. For more information on full custom bellyboards click HERE.

*Whilst we will endeavour to supply a Wave T in the colour shown and size specified it may not be possible especially with a tight deadline for an order in which case we reserve the right to substitute another colour and size... But we will try our best not too, especially the size!

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